It all started when I put on a pair of socks and the heel pulled up past my shoe and toward my calf… then I looked into my sock drawer and realized I had a pile of crazy looking socks that didn’t match any of my pants… Never quite the right size, too many crazy colors, too stretchy, too tight… Never just a basic sock that fit right and felt great. 

Then my sister (an Elementary School Principal) explained her school fundraisers. They stink. They don’t sell stuff that people want, they don’t make any money for the school, and they are way too much work for everyone… She was tired of cookie dough, wrapping paper, and candles. And, tired of her school being strapped for cash.

 I’m a normal guy and we’re a normal family; married with 3 Perfect kids. I graduated with an engineering degree and my wife with a business degree. We work hard, we love life, and we try to get the most out of every day. We never thought about starting our own business until solving these problems became our passion.

Now, we work hard at this;  we build the perfect sock and perfect fundraiser for you… so that one part of your life is just a little bit better.

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