What is this?

A non-traditional, fully customizable, education-based fundraiser that is tailor-made for your organization. We will partner with your group to design a sock fit for your market and then teach you and your group how to sell it to your customers.

We offer several different fundraising platforms to meet your fundraising goals and also provide unique incentive mechanisms for those selling the products. We offer competitive revenue sharing rates, but also very high-volume potential.

PerfectSock.com also offers an integrated entrepreneurship educational module that couples with your fundraiser platform to enhance the learning and success of your fundraiser. This module will teach your group about basic entrepreneurship principles including design, sales, pricing, general economics, and also the importance of philanthropy.

Why does this work?

Most fundraisers fall short because they push products that people don’t need. They often only sell to people who feel “obligated” to support the organization that’s sponsoring the fundraiser. By selling a product that people need and would buy naturally, you will swell your volume and, in turn, your fundraising profit.

This fundraiser also gives organizations an opportunity to continue fundraising through the PerfectSock.com normal sales channel long after your focused fundraiser has ended.

PerfectSock.com operates with an extremely low-cost profile which allows for competitive product pricing and strong philanthropic giving. This fundraiser will give consumers the option to buy high quality products from you instead of generic options from big box retailers.

What will you get?

When you sign up for this fundraising campaign, PerfectSock.com will provide you with a full package to support your every need. This will include:

-One-on-one discussion to choose the right program for your organization
-Personalized web-based dashboard to track your progress
-Customized design studio experience with a design specialist
-Customized sales brochure and video to enhance sales
-Sales tips and best practices
-Incentive recommendations for your organization -Transparent revenue and profit statistics for your organization

Our goal is to make this fundraiser a mega-success for your school.

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